Who we are

Welcome! We, the Wharton Investment and Trading Group (WITG, for short) are the premier undergraduate institution for professional preparation in investing and trading financial careers. As the largest finance/education-oriented organization in Wharton, our investment and development teams both teach the principles of value investing, trading, business analysis, and quantitative finance, between development sessions and active pitches/work under the supervision of team portfolio managers (PMs). We're proud to have been Wharton Council's "Best Large Club" at the school in 2016-2017 and to have organized the “Best Collaborative Event” in 2018-2019.

Our investment team meetings happen weekly, with certain development teams as well which are designed as introductory learning opportunities about financial skills. In addition to our events throughout the year, we hold General Body Meetings (GBMs) every Sunday which feature talks and work from our investment team members. Slides from our GBM here.

What we do

We have several different opportunities for students to become a part of WITG, learning more about financial skills and careers:



1. Learn concepts and skills from experienced portfolio managers.

2. Research potential investment ideas.

3. Pitch theses at GBMs and in stock competitions.



1. Investing fundamentals, finance and accounting knowledge, preparation for investment teams.

2. Trading concepts, macroeconomic ideas, and technical skills.

3. Quantitative strategies, portfolio theory, data science.



1. Weekly General Body Meeting (GBMs) to talk about stock opportunities and hear pitches/education segments.

2. Learn and network with prominent investors in speaker events/series.

3. Compete in sponsor-hosted stock pitch competitions for prizes and recongition.

Our sponsors

We wouldn't be able to do any of this without the generosity of our corporate sponsors. You can view them in full here.