Technology, Media, Telecom

The Technology, Media, Telecom (TMT) team looks at a variety of companies in TMT verticals ranging from FinTech to eCommerce to cybersecurity to network infrastructure. Our broad coverage offers exciting opportunities to look at emerging technologies that will change the course of business in almost every traditional industry. This includes buzzword-type companies pioneering P2P lending as well as under-the-radar companies that build and maintain the data storage and networking capabilities enabling every tech interaction.

On the TMT team, members are expected to complete one stock pitch each semester, working individually and in small groups. In our weekly meetings we will deep dive into different TMT verticals, discuss relevant market developments, and give feedback on pitch progress. Senior members of the team have diverse academic and internship backgrounds across various tech and finance industries, and are excited to work with others in a collaborative environment.


Portfolio Managers

zane headshot - Zane A Stiles.jpg

Zane Stiles

Zane is a senior in Wharton and Engineering concentrating in Finance and majoring in Computer Science. He joined WITG freshman year and is currently co-PM of the Technology, Media, and Telecom team. He worked in Morgan Stanley's Tech group in his junior summer and will be going to Bain Capital PE after graduation.

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Laura Luo

Laura is a senior at Wharton studying finance and statistics. She joined WITG freshman year, and is the current PM for the Technology, Media and Telecommunications investment team. Last summer she worked at Evercore M&A and will be returning there full time. Outside of school, Laura loves long distance running and travelling.