Special Situations Group

The Special Situations Group (SSG) within WITG seeks to explore investment cases that arise from nuanced financial concepts often misunderstood by the markets, and thus involve large disconnects between market and intrinsic values of securities. Examples of SSG themes include corporate spinoffs, mergers and acquisitions, and bankruptcies. 

Many well-known hedge funds globally operate some type of "special situation" strategy, and throughout the semester we will explore this style of investing. During weekly discussions we will cover tenets of value investing, the fundamentals of corporate credit versus equity securities, derivative instruments and how they are most often used, and case studies of past and current special situations. 


Portfolio Managers

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Tat lee

Tat is a senior at Wharton studying Finance and Statistics. He spent his past summer at Silver Point Capital, a hedge fund based in Greenwich, Connecticut focused on distressed credit and special situations investments, and plans to return there full time.