Point72 Internal Competition

Join us in congratulating our top three winners in the WITG Point72 Internal Stock Pitch Competition!

  • 1st Place Team: Frank Geng, Nad Kilani, Gerald Sim Rh
  • 2nd Place Team: Abhinav Karale, Jeff Sheng, Ameya Shiva
  • 3rd Place Team: Adithya Adaikalavan, Shaun Lim, Samanvit Vijapur, Clifford Yeo

WITG is hosting a competition that will culminate on December 4th, when Point72 will be featured at our GBM.


Pitch any company that is a competitor to Oclaro (NASDAQ: OCLR). Point72 will be pitching Oclaro on December 4th, so there will be a small competition between WITG and Point72. Teams of up to 4 people each are allowed, and we especially encourage freshman and sophomores to apply. The judges will be several selected WITG seniors.

  • First Round, due Tuesday 11/22, 12PM: The first round will consist of a 2 pager. See guidelines at the bottom of the page. Submissions should be sent to pennwitg@gmail.com.
  • Final Round, on Friday 12/2, 2 PM: 2-3 Teams will be chosen for the final round. The final round must be a 15 minute stock pitch presentation, with a Powerpoint.


The prize will be the opportunity to present in front of and get feedback from Point 72 analysts, in addition to an interview and serious consideration for their Sophomore Summit that takes place every Spring and is a feeder program for their internship.

    First Round 2 Pager Guidelines

    Prepare a two-page summary in PDF format of your thesis, analysis, and a preliminary investment recommendation. The summary should be analytic/predictive rather than descriptive. Feel free to use bullet points whenever appropriate.


    1. Summary of the investment thesis and recommendation
    2. Clear understanding of the business model and industry dynamics
    3. Key drivers of future profitability with supporting analysis
    4. Framework for assessing valuation over a three-to-five year time horizon
    5. Next steps for further analyses that you would do to either strengthen or refute your thesis


    • Brief statement of thesis and recommendation
    • 1/3 page overview of the business and industry
    • 1 page analysis of key profitability drivers
    • 1/3 page valuation analysis
    • Brief statement of next steps