The Industrials team looks at a variety of companies in industries as broad-ranging as Power Equipment, Construction & Engineering, Shipping, and Aerospace, among many others. This broad mandate means that, in reality, we simply work on the most interesting ideas available, even if they don’t fit perfectly into our box. In addition to this flexibility, we think Industrials companies provide a great basis for an investment education given that they are generally more mature and there is a high degree of diversity in their functional complexity, benefitting investors of various levels of experience. Another one of the great benefits of the team is learning about the “un-sexy” industries of the economy, which play such an important function role. How is it that harbors continue to remain deep enough to be accessed by ships? The answer: dredging! 

On the Industrials team, members are expected to complete one stock pitch in each semester, working in a group of 2-3 individuals. Weekly meetings feature an education component and market discussion, as well as feedback on members’ progress in building a pitch. As a highly competitive team, members will unfortunately move on from the team if they are unable to meet these expected levels of participation. We know, however, that engagement with our program yields results; many of our members over the past 3 years have gone on to intern and work full-time at many top buy-side firms, such as Silver Point Capital, Silver Lake Partners, Samlyn Capital, PJT Restructuring (formerly Blackstone restructuring), AQR, KKR and Apollo. 


Portfolio Managers

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Stephanie Cho

Stephanie is currently a senior from Seoul, studying Finance and Statistics. She has previously interned at Foxhill Capital Partners and PJT Restructuring, and will be joining Evercore Restructuring after graduation. In her free time, she enjoys reading, traveling and going on food adventures.

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Colin Pinto

Colin is currently a senior studying Finance at Wharton. In addition to WITG, he is very involved in the Pennsylvania Investment Alliance and PEVC. Colin previously held internships at Ares Management, Apollo Global Management, and Moab Capital Partners. In his free time he enjoys listening to Indie / Alternative Music and playing table tennis.