The Financials team analyzes a broad range of companies including traditional companies banks and insurance companies, as well as more non-traditional companies such as mortgage servicers, alternative asset managers, and FinTech. Within these we hope to find investment opportunities arising from a market mispricing and misunderstanding either of part of the company's balance sheet, or of the company's business. In doing so the group seeks to apply the principles of traditional value investing to institutions that can be large, complex, and opaque.


Portfolio Managers


Grant Erhart

Grant is a junior from Orlando in Wharton studying finance and risk management and minoring in mechanical engineering and applied mechanics. During his freshman summer, he interned at a property and casualty FinTech startup, and during his sophomore summer, he interned at Lockheed Martin in both engineering and finance teams. Outside of WITG, he is involved in Penn Electric Racing and West Philadelphia Tutoring Project. He enjoys skiing, running, playing tennis, and watching Formula One.

Caleb Carter Headshot.jpg

Caleb Carter

Caleb is a Junior from Abilene, Texas studying Finance and Legal Studies in Wharton. He has been involved in WITG since his freshman year as a part of the Principal Strategies and Financials teams, and he served as WITG’s VP of Finances during his sophomore year. Last summer, he worked in investment banking at Morgan Stanley as part of the M&A and Transportation groups. This year, he will lead the Financials team with Grant. In his free time, Caleb enjoys traveling, singing, watching movies, and learning new keyboard shortcuts.