Investment Development Program

WITG offers an investing development team for those with limited investing experience that teaches the fundamentals of investing, finance and accounting to help prepare students for admission to investing teams. Join our Development Team Listserv here. Note that this is different from our general Listserv (below), and is for those interested in receiving updates / locations for Development Team. Development Team sessions will be held on Tuesdays from 6:00-7:00pm in JMHH F50 and on Wednesdays from 5:00-6:00pm in JMHH 350. The same curriculum will be taught, so feel free to attend whichever fits your schedule better.

Curriculum Description

Subject to change
Week 1 - Introduction to Investing
Week 2 - How to Determine the Quality of a Business
Week 3 - How to Source Ideas and Conduct Research
Week 4 - The Basics of Accounting
Week 5 - Introducing: WACC and ROIC
Week 6 - Walking through a Discounted Cash Flow
Week 7 - How to Think about Multiples
Week 8 - Overview of Fields in FInance

Development Team Teachers - Spring 2019

Matthew Chen3.jpg

Nad Kilani

Nad is a senior at Wharton studying Finance, Legal Studies, and Business Analytics. Outside of WITG, Nad is involved in Global Platinum Securities and the Pennsylvania Investment Alliance. He has previously worked for PJT on their restructuring team, and for T. Rowe Price.


Frank Geng

Frank is a senior at Wharton studying Finance. Outside of WITG, Frank is involved in Global Platinum Securities. Frank previously worked for Aquiline Capital Partners, a private equity firm, and Evercore Partners on their restructuring team where he will be returning full-time after graduation.