Consumer Retail

The Consumer Retail team looks at a variety of consumer-facing businesses, ranging from traditional consumer packaged goods companies and apparel retailers to consumer internet companies. Everyone has a basic understanding of what consumer retail products are and how they are sold, making the sector accessible to those who are new to investing. At the same time, the constantly-changing nature of the sector provides a challenging backdrop for seasoned investors looking to develop a differentiated viewpoint. It’s no surprise that many revered value investors, most famously Warren Buffett, favor the consumer retail sector over many others.

On the Consumer Retail team, members are expected to complete one stock pitch each semester, working in smaller groups of 3-4. Our weekly meetings will have an educational component, and we will also discuss any pertinent news from the consumer retail space. Throughout the semester, we will also be looking at examples of consumer retail pitches from various successful investors. 


Portfolio Managers

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Aimun Malik

Aimun Malik is a senior in Wharton studying finance and strategic management. Aimun is from St. Louis and enjoys skiing, hiking, and kayaking. Professionally, Aimun has worked in JPMorgan's Prime Brokerage group, Morgan Stanley's Firm Strategy and Execution Group, and will be joining PJT Partners' Strategic Advisory Group full time.

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david pang

David is a junior from Hawaii studying finance and accounting. He enjoys playing basketball, taking photos, making smoothies, and playing ukulele. He is constantly on the lookout for the perfect acai bowl.

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marcus katz

Marcus Katz is a senior in the Huntsman Program, majoring in Finance, International Studies, and Hispanic Studies. He grew up in Zurich, Paris, Detroit, and currently lives in Charlotte, North Carolina. Marcus is one of the senior Portfolio Managers for the Consumer/Retail Team, following two years as a member of the Consumer/Retail Investment Team. This past summer, Marcus interned in Ares Management’s Private Equity group in Los Angeles. He also has experience working at a middle market investment bank and a multi-strategy capital management firm. Outside of academics, Marcus enjoys photography, traveling, fashion, car racing, and football.